MVP - Minimum Viable Product Development

MVP is the concept of testing the viability of an idea by building the smallest possible version of that idea that still provides a service. It's a great way to quickly gauge the interest in something while minimizing the risk.

Business is constantly developing, to stay ahead you need to cater to your customers - whoever they might be. But it's hard knowing if an idea is something your customers actually need. That's where the concept of MVP comes in.

Building an MVP can prove the viability without taking up too much of your company's resources, be it time, money or attention.

What you get.

I help you scope out, plan and develop a Minimum Viable Product, a product that presents the user with the minimal functionality for it to be useful. A tool to help you get started with new projects with minimum risk.


An Experienced Developer.

Your company will benefit from my experience and expertise with developing applications and MVPs


Measurable and Actionable Results.

Is the MVP something to keep building on? Effective measuring and goal-setting is key to determining wether your product is something to keep developing.


Expertise on how to package an MVP.

Knowing what to include and what to save for later is at the heart of creating an MVP. I'll guide you to the best scope of your MVP.


A product that is easy to extend.

After proving that a product is viable you'll want to keep working on it. To give you the best opportunities going forward I make the product easy to extend.

Let's get started with your Minimum Viable Product!

Are your looking to create a Minimum Viable Product in Stockholm? Contact me with the form below and let's get it going - I'd love to help out. Leave as much or as little information as you can and I'll be in touch shortly.