Custom Websites and Applications Development.

Developing websites and applications that contribute to your business with WordPress and Laravel.

What you get.

When you work with me you get top quality code and a maintainable site or app. But what sets me apart is that I consider your business and objectives to make your site a champion working tirelessly to achieve your goals.

  • An expert Wordpress, Laravel and PHP developer
  • Business automation and digitalisation consultation
  • Timely and detailed delivery
  • Fast, accessible and optimized websites and apps
  • Easy to use and maintain websites and applications


What kind of technology we use for your website depends entirely on your needs and goals.

WordPress icon


For many companies WordPress is a perfect match. First of all, in almost every company there is someone that has used WordPress before and can therefore control the website. Secondly, WordPress is the most used technology on the web and some 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress. This means that the technology will always be maintained and updated to the highest security and technology standards.

I've worked with WordPress for many years and am a WordPress expert, certified by Codeable the number one WordPress outsourcing platform which only takes the top 2% of WordPress developers.

Regardless if you need an entire website, some added funcitonality or just some minor fixes, I'm your man.

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Laravel is a framework for building web applications. It's got a tight security system and as a framework it sets you and me up for quick development. It's also got a huge and active community and is very well maintained, which means there is ample talent working with Laravel and that its security is always up to date.

With Laravel possibilities are endless. You can build internal apps for automating business processes, simplify interaction with your clients or build a completely new product with a service as a subscription. Or anything else you can dream up.

I've built many applications with Laravel and freelance as a Laravel developer since a few years back.

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VueJS is a JavaScript framework that allows for very interactive and responsive sites. It is used by many of the largest companies in the world and has grown immensely in the last couple of years due to its incredible cusomizability and the endless possibilities of what you can make with it.

Building a website using VueJS gives you an interactive, modern and smart website.

I've built many websites and applications with VueJS. It's a joy to work with and speeds up development of even the most complex frontend functionality.